Pests and rodents is an irritating issue which cannot be ignored if you want a contamination-free surrounding, especially for your food storage and kitchen areas. If you do not take immediate measures to get rid of the pest, be prepared to consume food poisoning bacteria along with your food. The termites and wood-destroying insects which will weaken the wooden structures. The beetles, mosquitoes, fleas, bed bugs are also uncomforting. While all the pests have their own behaviours, there are three things which are common among all- food, moisture, shelter. Based on these features, here are the tips which can help you with pest control for your place.

Store food

Store food in airtight containers

Prevent your food from the pests and bacteria by keeping them in airtight containers in a clean place. Paper and plastic bags can be easily infiltrated by rodents or tiny insects. There are insect-resistant packagings available in the market which can prevent any kind of insects. Use solid plastic or glass containers with air-tight fittings. Make sure that you protect the food for your pets the same way.

Keep the garbage cans sealed and away from home

Garbage cans are the invitations for rodents and pets. Try to keep them away from the food and living places. Having garbage inside your home will only make the rodents and insects find different ways to get in. Instead, keep your garbage cans outside and clean them daily to avoid creating a rotting party house for pests. Keep the can be covered with a lid.


Reduce possible moisture sources

As we said, pests need moisture to survive. You can easily solve half of the pest problem by removing the moisture of your place. Do not keep any water clogged or stores in open containers. Check for any leakages and weakened woods for water absorption. Plumbing should be checked regularly for leakages, clogged gutters, drain blockages. Also, try to keep your interiors less humid as it can also lead to the growth of fungus and termites.

Eliminate and reduce clutter

Clutter is another big reason for the accumulation of pests. Not only will clutter offer pests a place to grow but will also keep it away from your notice. Stored boxes and things in storerooms can be a warm and comfortable place for rodents to make their homes. You need to be careful while storing your expensive carpets, blankets, books, and wallpapers and find a dry place for them. Anything that you want to store for a long time must be sealed in airtight containers.

Check up

Regular check-ups

Do a quick check-up of all the parts and corners of your house after every season. In every few months, the rodents and insects will find a new way to enter your house and find a spot to stay. Inspect your home for small cracks, holes, windows, vents for cleaning and keeping the pests outside. Most repairs can be done with caulk and cement. Keep you house clean all the time, do not wait for the pests to grow to an extent before you start cleaning. If they leave a mark in your home, they will come back quicker the next time.